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Ramayana: the most famous

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The most frequently performed narratives derives from the Hindu epics. The story is actually the Indonesian version of the famed Indian Classic "Ramayana" . It has gone through drastic changes, affecting not only geographical and characters names, but also the story itself.

The epic is now deeply rooted in the in the Indonesian national heritage and forms part of the national life. The Arjuna Sasra Bahu and Ramayana cycles concern the affairs of the noble Rama himself and his ancestors.

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Favourite stories tell about Rama's marriage to Sinta; their banishment to the forest together with his brother, Laksmana ; Sinta abduction by the monster king Rahwana : and her rescue, with the help of the monkey king, Hanoman , after numerous battles, from the kingdom of Sri Lanka. The Ramayana contains many episodes from the lives of these characters.



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Hanoman, or Hanuman , known also as 'Anjaneya' (son of Anjana), is one of the most popular concepts of servants of God in Hinduism and one of the most important personalities in the epic, the Ramayana. His most famous feat, was leading a monkey army to fight the demon King Ravana to free his prisoner Sinta.


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